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Termite and WDI / WDO Inspections


The Importance of a Careful WDI Inspection

Termite inspector with hardhat and flashlight

If you are buying a home or commercial building in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, it’s pretty certain that you’ll be needing a Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection.

Some buyers and sellers consider the WDI inspection to be a nuisance — just another obstacle in the path to closing the deal. But the truth is that a careful, thorough termite inspection by an honest, professional inspector is one of the most important steps in the process of buying a home.

The official name for what’s commonly known as a “termite inspection” is “WDI inspection.” WDI stands for “wood-destroying insects.” Some older documents use the term “WDO,” for “wood-destroying organism.”

Either way, a proper WDI / WDO inspection, as required by the VA, FHA, HUD, and most banks, includes a lot more than just poking around for termites.

A properly-performed WDI inspection is a thorough examination of all accessible areas of a home for visible evidence of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and a variety of wood-destroying beetles, as well as for conditions conducive to infestation by those insects.

A good inspector will look for — and alert you to — things like wood that is too close to the soil, improper grading that can cause moisture problems, damaged rain gutter and downspouts, and many other easy-to-fix conditions that can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

We’ll also let you know if there’s evidence of a previously-treated termite or WDI problem, and how well that treatment seems to be holding up; and if you do buy the house, you can call us to discuss an annual inspection plan to make sure that if the termites do come back, the problem will be nipped in the bud.

In short, we take WDI inspections seriously. If you’re looking for a pencil-whipping termite inspector who will just glance at the house from his truck and sign it off, then look somewhere else.

We don’t work that way. We inspect every home as if we were buying it ourselves.


Why Choose ALLGone As Your Inspection Company

Severe Termite Damage

A home purchase is, for most people, the biggest investment they will ever make. We’d be crooks if we didn’t take home inspections seriously. And we’re not crooks.

Termites can cause serious structural damage to a home, as illustrated in the picture on the right. Homes that have long-standing untreated infestations by termites or some other wood-destroying insects can be damaged so catastrophically that they are beyond repair.

Most termite damage isn’t that severe, but even less-serious termite and WDI damage can cause many thousands of dollars to repair — especially if it involves damage to the sill plate or other difficult-to-replace structural members, as it often does.

A properly-done termite and WDI inspection is the best way to catch a problem while it’s still small, before extensive damage has been done.


All of Our WDI / Termite Inspections Include:

  • An honest, certified inspector who will treat the inspection as if he was buying the house himself.
  • A thorough inspection of all accessible areas of the property.
  • Full compliance with bank and mortgage lender requirements, as well as VA / FHA / HUD regulations.
  • Honest recommendations for spot or full treatments, if termites or other wood-destroying insects are found.
  • A 90-day, fully transferable, termite-treatment warranty. We’re not afraid to stand behind our inspections because we do them right, the way they’re supposed to be done.


Termite Warranty Service

If you own a home that is not covered under an existing termite warranty, we may be able to help you protect your home from termites. We will perform a free inspection of your home, and if no evidence of termites is found, we’ll offer to place you under warranty for an annual fee starting as low as $95.00.*

If termites are found in the future, we’ll treat the problem for a co-pay that can be as low as $165.00.*


For more information about our termite and WDI inspections or warranty service, please call us at 817-589-1632. (If you are a Realtor or a real estate broker, agent, or salesperson, or a representative of a bank or mortgage lender, please mention that in your message. Thanks!)


* Prices quoted are the first-year average cost to warrant an average-sized house that is in good condition. Actual prices may vary depending on the size of the house, its condition, existence of conditions conducive to termites, and other factors. Renewal rates may vary after the first year.