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Attic Insulation Replacement and Animal Contamination Cleanup


Cleaning Up the Mess the Animals in Your Attic Left Behind

Inside of an attic in Dallas that is heavily contaminated by animal filth

One of the biggest problems with having rodents or other nuisance animals in your attic is the mess they leave behind.

The droppings, urine, shed hair and fur, and other animal filth left behind by mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, or other animals can cause health problems and make your whole house smell, especially if you have heating or air-conditioning equipment or ductwork in the attic.

Animal droppings carry many diseases and serve as breeding media for insects that carry others. A few of the disease-causing pathogens associated with rodent, bat, bird, and other animal droppings include:

In addition to the hazards from animal and bird urine and droppings getting into your home’s air, when animals die in or are removed from your home, their parasites like fleas, lice, ticks, and mites go looking for new hosts. Some of these pests may work very hard at it, even to the point of going downstairs to look for tasty humans to feed on. In doing so, they also carry with them any of the arboviral diseases they’ve picked up along the way.

Finally, the filth that animals leave behind just smells bad. If it’s not removed, it may get into the living area of your home, giving it an unpleasant smell that may range from hardly noticeable to overwhelming. You want your home to smell fresh and clean, not like animal pee and poop.

These are the reasons why at ALLGone Services, we don’t consider any rodent, bird, or animal-removal job done until the mess is cleaned up. The animals are too rude to clean up after themselves, so we do it instead.

In many cases, this includes replacement of contaminated attic insulation. We can’t do a good job disinfecting your attic and treating for parasite pests if the filthy insulation is still there. That’s why we offer and strongly recommend replacing the filthy, contaminated insulation with fresh, clean, energy-efficient insulation. It’s the crowning touch of an professional animal or pest control job.


Energy-Saving Benefits of New Attic Insulation

In addition to the health benefits of replacing contaminated attic insulation, it can save you a lot of money on your heating bills. Here’s why.

The attic or roof is the most important part of your home to insulate. A poorly-insulated attic allows heat to escape in the winter, raising your heating bills in the winter; and it allows heat from the sun to get into the living area, increasing your cooling bills in the summer. Having good insulation in your attic is crucial to saving energy and lowering your electricity and fuel costs.

Attic insulation and wiring damaged by animals in the attic

Animals who get into your attic usually damage the insulation, often seriously. They trample it down (which reduces its efficiency), pull it apart to make their nests, tear up the vapor barrier (if any), and disturb it by burrowing through it. Sometimes we don’t even know where the insulation went after the animals got done with it. All we know is that it’s gone.

Any disruption of the insulation in your attic will reduce insulating efficiency and cause energy waste. Obviously, the greater the damage, the more energy will be wasted; but even small breaks in the insulation can increase your energy costs. Replacing the insulation with fresh, clean insulation will correct this problem.

Another reason why our attic insulation replacement service often saves our customer money is because very often, the insulation we use is just better than what was already up there, even before the animals got to it. This is true for two reasons.

First of all, the modern insulations we have available are today are simply more efficient than what was available a few decades ago. Newer materials, better vapor barriers, and improved application techniques have made modern insulation much for efficient, which saves more energy.

Secondly, not very long ago, energy was a lot less expensive than it is today; so a lot of houses weren’t insulated very well. If you have an older house, the chances are that the attic insulation was inadequate by today’s standards even before the animals tore it up. Now that energy is so much more expensive, it just makes good economic sense to upgrade the insulation in your attic or roof.

We provide attic insulation replacement and animal contamination removal throughout our entire North Texas service area. Please contact us or call us at (817) 589-1632. for more information this energy-saving service, or any of our high-quality services. We look forward to hearing from you.